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Witness And Enjoy Drinking Soda-Free In New York City

Drinking soda is one of the most popular and preferred beverages of people today, especially the younger generation. There are many reasons why soda is very attractive and considered the most bought item in the different markets today. This is really not surprising since every time you turn your TV on, the first advertisement that you will see is one person drinking a particular brand of soda to relieve his thirst. Anyone who will see this ad will surely have the feeling of wanting to drink soda at that particular moment. While this drink has already invaded different cities today, there is one place that you will not likely see this product. Supersize that soda? Not in NYC, Bloomberg says.

In case you are residing in New York City, then for sure you have noticed that there are some establishments that are not selling large size drinking soda. People who are used in drinking this sweet beverage will have a hard time adjusting in this city and could find it very boring as well.

However, if you are one those health devotees who only want nothing but to improve your health, then for sure you will laud the move of the New York City government to ban the drinking soda especially the ones that come in large containers. It has been proven by several studies that soda is rich in sugar contents that will only make you fat. It also contains caffeine which is not healthy when taken in excess.

In other words, for health buffs, drinking soda is a big No-No. These people can live without soda in their hands. Yes, these people will surely like to live in New York City, where large size soda is prohibited.

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