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The Untold Facts About Calcium Supplements That Women Must Know

Calcium SupplementsShould women still take calcium supplements? This is one of the most asked questions these days, which every woman must fully understand. In case you are one of the women who are concerned with your health, the answer to this question will definitely capture your attention and interest.

What are the benefits of taking the calcium supplements?

There are several health studies that show calcium is capable of strengthening the bone structures as well as your teeth. Women who regularly take this essential nutrient are spared from the risk of suffering into one of the most dreaded bone disease, which is the osteoporosis. Calcium is also responsible in strengthening the immune system and in protecting a person from getting affected by several serious illnesses such as cancer and stroke.

Calcium Supplements1However, despite the mentioned benefits that can be derived from taking the calcium, there is this very intriguing study that refutes these things. According to this study, too much intake of calcium has several implications that everyone must know of. The study also suggests that women, in particular, should be wary on the supplement they are taking especially if it contains calcium.

If you will take a look at the study above, you will see that women who are taking too much calcium are at risk of suffering from heart disease by at least 13-22 % percent than others who are not taking calcium supplements. There are also reports that women who never fail to take the calcium tablets in their lives have been very vulnerable against various diseases such as stroke and high blood pressure. The study also discover that calcium supplement will also put the health of most women at risks contrary on what its manufacturers are telling you.

While the results of the stated study is very controversial, there is no harm if you will take some time trying to prove all these things, so you can make the adjustments immediately.

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