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Jessica Simpson, Paid To Diet? Come On!

Jessica SimpsonWeight Watchers International got the attention that they are looking for. After losing some for the past years, they started to opt for other advertisements that could attract and lure some attention from people. This is why the issue that Weight Watchers pays Jessica Simpson to diet became the loud buzz of the media. It is not a secret that they have been using celebrities to gain attention from people who want to lose weight, but what made some individuals raise their brows is the whooping 3 million dollars fee of the said celebrity!

Weight Watchers started to gain more income and the needed interest of many individuals after they started using celebrities to endorse and advertise for their program. And it was a big hit when Jennifer Hudson managed to lose weight for at Jessica Simpson1least 80 pounds, which made her cut a few dress sizes down. And with her success in losing weight, the income of the company soared even higher.

To become a spokesperson of a weight loss company, you will have to promote by giving sneak peeks of your weight loss experiences. However, not many celebrities happen to lose a lot of pounds or did achieve their goal. It may not be the weight loss plan itself, but the problem lies in the person doing it. And the most common issue is about the will to stick with the goal and the plan. Without proper determination and discipline it will not be as successful as the others have experienced.

This time, Jessica Simpson is on the line to prove her determination and if she could stick to the program and achieve her weight loss goal. This may not be too amusing for others, but surely advertisements and campaigns like these are the reasons why many individuals want to lose weight and try the program those celebrities used.

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