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Discovering The Reason Of Your Weight Gain During The Cold Season

Weight GainDo you want to know the reasons why do we eat more in winter? Do you want to be informed more on this subject as you have a specific weight that you want to achieve? You do not want to derail the success of your weight loss program m just because you cannot control yourself to overeat every winter season. It will be a big upset on your part if you will fail in achieving your target weight just because your diet program falls during winter. So, in case you are worried that overeating during winter could hurt your chances, then what you need to do is to spend some of your time to discover the reasons behind it.

It could be due to your carbs cravings:

Yes, you tend to overeat during cold season due to your carbs cravings. You might want to eat more of pasta, pastries, cookies, and other carbos rich foods every time you feel the chill of the weather. In case you cannWeight Gain1ot control the urge to eat these foods, then you are suffering from what you call the SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder. While it is just normal for your body to look for carbs rich foods, this can be a big letdown in case you are following a certain weight loss program.

So, is there a way to counter the SAD syndrome?

Fortunately, yes, there is a way to check your diet and make sure that things are all in order. One of these is to fill your diet with the lean protein rich foods and those contain omega 3s such as fish and salmon. Omega is proven to be a mood booster and can satisfied you, thus preventing you to overeat.

With the help of this information, you are now assured that even if it is winter, achieving your weight loss goal is still possible.

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