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Obese People With Mental Defects Should Not Lose Hope

Obese1According to some reports, people who are suffering from overweight problems are still capable of changing their lifestyles in order to live a normal life. Even if you are one of those people who are facing serious illnesses because of your obesity problem, you should not lose hope, since according to some studies, one way to combat this kind of problem is to focus on improving your lifestyle.

While the mentioned reports could somehow cause some concerns or worries, you should not be since there are several studies that have been conducted to prove the importance of changing your lifestyle in order to achieve a successful weight loss. According to some health experts, even those people who are suffering from mental illness should not lose hope in achieving a healthy weight loss, as there are many ways on how to get this task done.

To prove that mental illnesses would not impede a healthy weight loss, one study is recently done that includes 291 obese people who suffer serious mental illnesses such as bipolar disease and major depression. One half of the active participants are enrolled in a fitness program that give them nutritional advice and routinely exercise classes.

The participants are divided into several groups wherein 195 of them are assigned to a control group. This group will not receive any help like tips about effective weight loss.

The participants continued in shedding their excess weights while changing their respective lifestyles. While initial reports show slow improvements, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine released a report that shows the success of the mentioned test.

“We have sought to dispel the common perception of people that lifestyle programs are not capable of working and producing positive results for those people who suffer from obesity with mental illness,” says study leader Dr. Gail Daumit. He is an associate professor of the general internal medicine based at the John Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Obese“Without a doubt, there is really the importance on finding ways how to help this world to be healthy and lose weight,” added by Dr. Gail Daumit in his interview. “It is because of this fact that makes us to produce a weight loss program that is tailored to provide the needs of obese people with mental illnesses,” according to Dr. Daumit.

In the event that you are interested with the study of Dr. Gail Daumit, you will need to look at their reports which are published in the New England Journal of Medicine. This has been published online on March 21and is presented at the same day on a meeting at American Heart Association in New Orleans.

The success of the different weight loss programs that aim to assist those obese people with mental illness can be considered a major breakthrough, as more people are starting to lose hope in handling this kind of problem. In the end, it is the determination and having the full awareness that will help these people to overcome their problems.